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Freeze the kool-aid in glass, crush it up and pack firmly and then add a different color drink on top. If done right, you should see a two color drink, one color ontop the other. Cheers!

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I'm sure everyone wondered at one point or another how well they would survive in real life if they were in a Resident Evil game or some other zombie/monster/alien/mutant game like Zombies Ate My Nieghbors! Anyway, though I'm sure many of you beat games like these I think unless you beat the game without ever dying once, you wouldn't stand a chance if you were that character in real life. Poor Leon got cut to pieces because of those damn lasers in RE4 and blow up with an RPG or had Dr. Slavador cut off his head with a chainsaw five times before you finally figure out a good spot to be far away from him.

Fun thing to fighting him in real life is that one gernade would blow him into tiny bits. It wouldn't take 4 or 5 to do it!

Bad thing to fighting him in real life is that if you get hit even a little with his chainsaw, you'll be a body part short and if you use a gernade close range might take him down but you might lose a lung or an arm or two.....maybe a leg.

Then fighting Salazar's insect monster body guard that goes down in that tunnel after you, you'd need the f'en reflexes of a Jedi to deal with that asshole!

Another fun thing is using the weapons!
Here are some pros and cons about some of the weapons.

Broken Butterfly:
Cons= Like in the game, it's a pain in the ass to load and time consuming.
Pros= Enjoy watching a head blow off as easy as the villians in the game. Feel like Dirty Harry!

Cons= No amount of herbs will make you feel better if you get caught in the explosion.
Pros= You don't have to fight giant monsters that are hard to kill or do a bunch of useless riddles and puzzles just to get a damn key! You can just blow down the fucking doors! That or simply pick the lock....

Semi-Automatic Rifle:
Cons= If your nerves got the best of you then it might be hard to steadily aim. If you're not a good shot and Regenerators come after you, you're pretty much screwed.....
Pros= Feel cool, watch heads explode through your scope as you shoot them off from a safe distance.

Water Gun:
Cons= Does not work against most types of zombies.
Pros= Kills some zombies instantly and can be used to water your plants!

I don't know if any of you have a facebook account but there is a quiz on there I took that said how well you can survive a zombie game/invasion. My results was that I'm the survivor. I might get a couple scratches or bruises but I'd survive whatever would happen. I took another quiz like that which called me the Master. This one says that I'm the guy that zombies fear and no matter what happens, it is as if I don't even so much as get my cloths dirty with my zombie slaying skills!

Well that's all for now, I'm tired and gotta get some sleep.